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Exploring Lucrative Opportunities in Hayward's Multi-Family Property Market

Polaris Investments has leveraged its exclusive on-the-ground partnership to acquire a promising 2-unit multi-family asset on Hayward Street in Yonkers, NY. Joining forces with a developer-partner, the firm is facilitating a swift “buy and flip” transaction, capitalizing on the property’s value appreciation potential through renovations and stabilization, with a targeted 6-month holding period.

Access to Unique Opportunities

Exclusive partnership enables access to unique investment opportunities.

Strategic Location

The property is situated in a quiet residential area of Yonkers.

Value-Add Potential

The compact 2-unit multi-family property offers potential for value-add improvements.

Short-Term Strategy

Polaris Investments is adopting a short-term "buy and flip" strategy with a 6-month holding period target.

Polaris Investments Expands Charlotte Portfolio with Strategic Commercial Acquisition

Solidifying its presence in Charlotte’s thriving market, Polaris Investments has acquired a promising 4-unit commercial property on Rozzelles Ferry Road through an exclusive partnership, aligning with its strategic growth objectives. The income-generating asset requires minor renovations for stabilization and value enhancement.

Strategic Acquisition

Strategic commercial real estate acquisition in Charlotte's dynamic market.

Income-Generating Asset

Four-unit property with existing income and potential for further stabilization.

Value Enhancement

Minor renovations required to enhance value and appeal.

Growth Alignment

Aligns with Polaris Investments' growth strategy in the Charlotte region.

Market Potential

Capitalizing on the area's strong demographic and economic prospects.

Emerson Multi-Family Buy Expands Polaris' Charlotte Footprint

Polaris Investments has acquired a promising 14-unit multi-family compound in Gastonia, solidifying its presence in the Charlotte metropolitan area through an exclusive partnership. The asset requires renovations but is poised to generate healthy rental income and attractive capitalization rates upon stabilization, with a short-term 12-month exit strategy.

Value-Driven Newnan Multi-Family Play for Polaris

Strategic Equity Stake

Equity co-ownership in a multi-family compound in Newnan, near Atlanta.

Value Repositioning

Value-driven repositioning strategy to elevate asset from C-grade to B-grade.

Superior Returns

Designed to generate additional alpha and superior returns.

Long-Term Horizon

Long-term investment horizon of 5 years.

Structured Investment

Structured acquisition and financing aligned with value-creation objectives.

Favorable Market Dynamics

Newnan's growing population and strong economic fundamentals support the investment's success.

Polaris Investments Unearths Value with Gastonia Multi-Family Repositioning

Polaris Investments has acquired a multi-family compound in Gastonia, leveraging its exclusive on-the-ground partnership in the Charlotte metropolitan area. The asset presents a value-driven opportunity, prompting a strategic repositioning from C-grade to B-grade to generate superior returns over a 5-year holding period.

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Strategic Repositioning

Polaris Investments Facilitates Successful Multi-Family Bridge Loan in Yonkers

Polaris Investments Facilitates Successful Multi-Family Bridge Loan in Yonkers

Leveraging its exclusive partnership, Polaris Investments provided short-term financing to enable the acquisition of a 4-building multi-family portfolio in Yonkers, New York City. The strategic bridge loan facilitated asset stabilization, yield enhancement, and value creation through repositioning, culminating in a successful exit within a year, delivering impressive returns.

Polaris Investments Capitalizes on Yonkers Multi-Family Opportunity

Seizing a broken deal, Polaris Investments acquired a 6-unit multi-family building on Nepperhan in Yonkers, New York City. The firm swiftly negotiated terms and purchased the property in cash before offering equity participation to co-investors. After a strategic 9-month holding period, Polaris Investments exited the deal, generating double-digit returns aligned with performance requirements.

Opportunistic Acquisition

Acquired 6-unit multi-family building in Yonkers through a broken deal.Negotiated and purchased the property in cash.

Strategic Investment Approach

Offered equity participation to co-investors. Exited after a 9-month holding period aligned with performance targets.

Robust Returns

Generated double-digit returns for co-investors through the transaction.

Polaris Leverages Retail Repositioning in Manhattan's SoHo District

Through an off-market deal, Polaris Investments acquired a condo space on Broome Street in SoHo, New York City, in 2015. The firm repositioned the asset as a retail condo, securing a new fitness tenant within 6 months, and achieved double-digit IRR value-add for investors within a year. Now fully stabilized and refinanced, Polaris is exploring exit strategies as e-commerce poses a threat to the retail space.

Strategic Acquisition

Value Creation

Current Status and Exit Considerations

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