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Polaris Investments Acquires Second Industrial Asset in Holyoke, MA

In collaboration with an exclusive co-sponsor, Polaris Investments has acquired a second industrial property in Holyoke, Massachusetts. The transaction involves the acquisition and stabilization of a vacant 100,000 sq. ft. industrial real estate asset. The value-add strategy focuses on securing suitable tenants, enabling eventual refinancing.

Polaris Investments Acquires Second Industrial Asset in Holyoke, MA

Polaris Investments Secures Leased Industrial
Opportunity in Holyoke

Strategic Acquisition
Strategic Acquisition

110,000 sq. ft. industrial property in Holyoke, MA, acquired with an exclusive co-sponsor. Asset already 70% NNN-leased, with a fast-growing NYSE-listed anchor tenant.

Strategic Capital Stack
Strategic Capital Stack

Senior loan from a local bank. Mezzanine debt tranche from Polaris' investor network. Sponsor equity contribution.

Value Proposition and Exit Plan

High debt coverage ratio enabled attractive risk-adjusted mezzanine returns. Target double-digit IRR returns for Polaris investors.

Polaris Investments Backs Pelham Village Mixed-Use Projectp

Polaris Investments has recently provided financing for a convertible note to support the acquisition and development of a mixed-use property in Pelham. The project, undertaken by a long-standing partner of Polaris Investments, involves constructing a 4-storey, 28-unit residential condominium above the existing 5 fully-leased retail spaces. The investment fills the financing gap during the pre-development phase, with an anticipated holding period of 18 to 24 months.

Strategic Location

The property is situated in a prime location, making it an attractive investment opportunity.

Experienced Developer

The developer's long-term relationship with Polaris Investments instills confidence in the project's success.

Secure Retail Component

The 5 retail spaces are currently fully leased, providing a stable income stream during the development phase.

222 Lake Mezzanine Debt Financing

222 Lake Mezzanine Debt Financing

Polaris Investments has recently provided bridge financing to support the acquisition and redevelopment of a centrally located warehouse in Yonkers. The project, spearheaded by a long-term partner of Polaris Investments, will transform the property into a vibrant mixed-use space, featuring retail, co-working, and office components. By filling the financing gap, Polaris Investments enables the developer to focus on the redevelopment and stabilisation of the asset, with an anticipated holding period of one year.

Charlotte Mezzanine Financing: Transforming Property for Diverse Utilization

Polaris Investments has collaborated with an experienced developer and owner operator to structure a mezzanine loan financing for the adaptive reuse of a property in Charlotte, NC. The property, consisting of 5 buildings and approximately 42,000 GSF, will be rezoned to mixed-use by the GP-Sponsor over the next 6 months. The mezzanine loan financing covers the pre-development phase for the next 12 months and includes an option for Polaris Investments and its co-investors to become equity holders in the development phase.

Charlotte Mezzanine Financing: Transforming Property for Diverse Utilization

Polaris Investments Unveils Short-Term, Asset-Backed
Capital Lending Program

Discounted Acquisitions

The program targets semi-distressed properties that can be acquired below market prices.

Swift Resale Strategy

The goal is to quickly resell the acquired properties for a profit after making any necessary improvements.

Investor Protection

Loans provided by Polaris Investments are fully registered mortgages with first lien on the real properties.

Manhattan Bridge Loan Offers Double-Digit Returns

A prominent investment firm has structured a short-term bridge financing deal with a purchase option on a unit in one of HFZ Capital’s developments in Midtown Manhattan, leveraging its special relationship with the Manhattan-based developer. This unique arrangement offers investors a double-digit return on the loan, along with potential upside upon the sale of the underlying unit.

Privileged Access

The investment firm's strong relationship with HFZ Capital enables access to attractive investment opportunities.

High-Yield Potential

The bridge financing deal offers investors a double-digit yield, with the potential for additional upside.

Prime Real Estate

The unit is located in a highly desirable Midtown Manhattan development, enhancing the investment's appeal.

Secured Asset

The loan is secured by the underlying real estate asset, providing an additional layer of protection for investors.

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